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donderdag 6 oktober 2011

10 day challenge day 2

My second entry of my 10 day challenge.

As you can see this one is completely different. I have no real experience with how it works in a magazine world, so this is pretty much just how I image how one of my days might look like, without the stress of the job and other things. I know it would be a lot harder though but, it's my fantasy after all ;)

I wake up to my alarm and get out of bed to start my day. I shower, eat breakfast, dress myself in my normal attire for work (which for today contains a dressed pants, blouse with ribbon around the collar, a matching blazer and low heel dress shoes).

When I’m all done dressing and packing my bag I go to work. I work as an editor at a fashion magazine. I love my job. I work with people who are fun to work with, but aren’t afraid they think what you’re doing isn’t good (enough) and instead of letting you hanging after they told you they think it sucks they help you improve it. We aim to challenge each other to get better at what we’re doing. Today we have a meeting with lunch to discuss each other’s work in the latest issue of the magazine. Everybody who works in our team is attending.

After lunch I have a meeting with our own team to discuss what kind of subjects we will be writing on for the upcoming volume. Though the start of the meeting is slow, in the end we gather a lot of idea’s to work on. I love how dedicated everybody is to this job.

After the day finished I go to get dinner with a group of friends. It is a monthly thing we do to keep in contact with each other. We don’t skip it unless we’re home with a serious illness, someone died or something else that is too important to let it pass. Once again dinner is fun. We discuss our work, our projects, our boyfriends and girlfriends and just everything we feel like talking about.

At the end of the night I have a nice little buzz in my head (might have something to do with the 2 glasses of wine I had) and I got to bed with a content feeling.

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