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vrijdag 29 april 2011

Do it my way: Being cute

Hello my Dearest readers,

Welcome to my first real "Do it my way" post!!
The last few weeks I have been working on writing a guide about "How to be cute". I looked up lists, articles and tons of other things that had to do with how to be cute. While looking up all these things I discovered something: All those lists and articles just tell you how to act cute and, while some of the steps are helpful, they just feel fake to me. I even found a list where it said I had to act like a 10 year old in order to be cute.

After I discovered this I went back to thinking about the basics: What is cute? When I started thinking about this I realized I never ever thought about this before (have you?). I now think "cute" differs per person. There is really no real standard for being cute. I believe that you have to make your own "cute" standard, for yourself, and to not let other be a huge influence on your idea's.

So instead of making a guide on "How to be cute", I am going to write about the steps I took, and am taking, to try and be cute. Maybe my way of doing things can give you new idea's.
These idea's can also be used by other styles. Just insert any other style where the word cute is used, like cool. Goes for the guys as well. How to be manly *wink*.

> I think about myself being and acting cute. I think I do this about once a day. How would I dress if I could just magically make clothing appear, how do I act if I didn't have any barriers, those kind of things. I try to dress the way I thought about and I try to act the way I imagined it. In a way you could say I'm trying to shape myself to my own fantasies. Sometimes I write it down. It is really funny to see how my idea of cute changes from day to day!

> I practice being cute. This might sound kind of sad and/or crazy but I make poses and faces in frond of the mirror. In a way you could say I train myself to act in a way I find cute. This way I can make this way of acting my own and if it becomes natural to me, I will never look fake! It really makes me laugh as well. Sometimes I pull really weird faces and I end up laughing about myself. (A lot of models do this as well! Try it!)

> I smile when I feel like smiling. Smiling makes me happy. And I think smiling is cute, thus, I smile. Smiling is good for you (even the scientists say so!). All in all, I have lots of reasons to smile, so I smile.

> I can't always act cute. Sometimes, when I feel really depressed, I just can't act cute. I used to try to always act cute, even if I felt bad, especially when I felt depressed, but it takes up a lot of energy. When I'm not feeling well I just act the way I feel at that moment. Theres really no reason to force yourself to act a way you don't want to. I even think that it is bad for you.

> I wear cloths that suit my body type, are comfortable and that I think are cute. This is actually something I found in a lot of lists. And I think you should always wear cloths that suit your body type and where you are comfortable in. So this pretty much goes for any style.
When I wear comfortable cloths that I think are cute and suit my body, I feel a lot more cute and happy when when I wear cloths that are to tight or to big and saggie (big cloths can be cute, if you know how to wear them).

> I try to have a cute air around me, more then a cute image. This one is a bit hard to explain. I try to recreate the feeling I get with cute, more then that I try to be like the people in the pictures I find, or to have the cloths they wear.

> I noticed my opinion about what is cute changes a lot. One day I can find a picture that I think is totally cute and a week later I can't remember why I thought it was cute again. So I try to look up new cute things every day (or every other day). Tumblr is a great place to look up pictures. I reblog the pictures to keep this memorized. I only save the really cute or pretty pictures.

This is pretty much how I try to be cute. There are a lot more things I do to be/become cute, but these are the ones I want to share with you. I hope you can get some idea's out of it.

Please let me know what you think! I love to hear about other peoples idea's and opinions.

Until my next post <3

zaterdag 23 april 2011

Do it my way: Intro

Hello my dear readers,

Today I'm going to tell you a little more about the "Do it my way" project I have been working on. Things like the why of the whole project.

I wanted to create something on my blog that is more then me just ranting about random stuff. When I started this blog, my whole idea was to become this huge blog writer, writing about fashion and the things I create. Back then I thought that I could just become a writer like that just by starting a blog. Well, things didn't really turn out that way.

But this past period I've been having the same kind of idea's about this blog again. I want to make it into something. You don't just become, you have to work hard to create things too become.

And thats what this whole project is about.

With these "Do it my way" posts I want to learn how to research things that are interesting to share, and really write about them. I want to create posts that are interesting and fun to read, that give you idea's or support you with the idea's you have.

My goal for now is to set a date each month for these "Do it my way" posts. Each month I'm going to look for something interesting to write about. Right now I'm working on gathering idea's and writing drafts.

My second goal is to post a little something about fashion each month. Just something I like, or an idea I got, something small. I am, after all, a graduate in fashion, and it is still a big passion of mine, so I want to share little idea's about my fashion styles.

So in the end there will be 2 blog posts per month that will actually be well thought-out and planned. I can't give you any guarantees about the rest of the posts though. They will probably end up being rants again.

I am looking forward to writing these blog posts. I hope you are looking forward to reading them. I will try my very best. And I will probably curse myself more then once for setting these goals. But I'm going to see this through to the end and create something I can use for my other goals.

Until next time,
which might very well be the first of my real "Do it my way".

maandag 18 april 2011

Work in progress...

Hello my dear readers~

I would Love to write a really long post about all the things I have done, thought about, brain stormed about and .. really just write a lot of stuff, but~... M not gonna do that.
No, everything I still work in progress.

So~ What am I going to write about??

-> To start things off.. I GOT A 70% for 2 of my JAPANESE TESTS which is sooo good for me. yay~. I did fail an other one BUT I hoped to fail it so I could retake it. I really messed it up with stupid mistakes which I hope to be able to redo now.

-> M still working on "the "Do it my way" way of doing things" blog posts. I got a lot of idea's, but I really need to work them out. Along with the fashion view I'm working on. Fashion thing? yes, I'm working on a fashion thing. I'm half going against fashion, half following the Japanese fashion, half following what had been predicted here in Europe and America. It's really fun. I enjoy being busy with fashion again. And totally not following the rules~ of fashion~... aka the fashion prognoses. Well half of the times, anyways.

-> Animecon is coming up, so in between studying and having fun I'm sewing the last bit of the maid costumes. Why am I sewing maid costumes? check this post and maybe you'll get it. If not, just leave a comment ;) Anyways, it's really soon, and... I'm looking kind of forward to it.. kind of not.. I wonder if an Animecon is still the right place for me to be... well I guess I'll find out then, no?

And I guess thats it for today. I could totally fill this post with a lot more random ranting but, I really don't feel like it so. I'll leave it at this.

Love you guys,
Untill next time~

maandag 11 april 2011

small update 11/4

Hello my dear readers!

As much as I'd like to post a full post now, I should be studying, which, while writing this blog post, I am obviously not doing.

Just wanted to kind of let you know whats going on.

-> So I got my test weeks going on right now. Totally not fun. I don't get to see my friends a lot, if at all, which sucks, and I'm pretty much stuck at home, doing nothing but, you guessed it, study... or reading..
On the bright side~... I changed a 50% to a 70% on a test! So I showed myself I can actually do it! Best thing of all? Its my worst subject, yay (Talking Japanese and translating from English to Japanese, if you want to know).

-> Okay next thing on my update list: Writing a special kind of blog post once a month.
Yes I actually want to be serious about writing this blog. So I am planning on writing one special post at least once a month. It will be about fashion, My opinion about some stuff (other then my normal ranting) and whatever I think of later. Maybe some beauty tips that have helped me. I'm still thinking it out.
Up until now it has the name: The "Do it my way" of doing things-project. Please look forward to it.

-> did you know smiling makes you happy? If you didn't, try it. Just smile at random things. Big smiles, small smiles, shy smiles, just smile. It makes you feel happier (and goofy, which makes me happy as well when I allow myself to be goofy). Smiling when your sad also helps you cheer up, or so I noticed. If you tried it: please let me know how it worked for you. It could be a great support for others to try it as well. Cause really, we need more smiles in this frowny, stressy world.

And I guess thats about it.

See you next time~!

dinsdag 5 april 2011

Friends with benefits (read before you judge)

Hello my dear readers,

Today I have a very special something I want to talk about:
Friends with benefits. Now I hear most of you thinking: Omg she wants to talk about having 18+ action with friends/no strings attached. Think again.
No, the Friends with benefits I want to talk about is something completely different then that.

I actually though this up thanks to a friend, to whom I talked with about relations, and of course the sweet messages I got from my dear readers.

When talking to my friend about relations, I told him I kind of think some couples are prisoners of they're relations (my opinion, my view). They must see each other every week/weekend, they have to spend all they're spare time talking on the phone/text messaging/on chat. I got a really strong dislike for must's and have to's. I told him I would like my (future) relations to be more like friends with benefits. Of course his first reaction was "yea, my too, but nobody is really open to that." which is true, if you think of the 18+ kind of "friends with benefits". But, to me, those kind of 18+ things don't really matter, they are not why I want to have a relationship with someone. If I wanted just that I'd take a one night stand or something. All I really want is being loved, love in return, have fun, cuddle, joke, laugh, cuddle some more, hug, laugh some more and those kind of things. To me, those things are already benefits to friendship. Or relationships if the emotion love is involved.

I looked the meaning of "benefit" up in the dictionary to make my point. What is a benefit?
1. something that is advantageous or good; an advantage
2. a payment or gift, as one made to help someone
3. an act of kindness; good deed; benefaction
4. to do good to; be of service to

So in my opinion friend who hug me, talk to me, have fun with me, laugh with me, who make me feel comfortable are already kind of friends with benefits. Every friend has they're own benefit, if you really look at it.

So to all my dear readers who leave me sweet comments: Thank you for being my friend with benefits.
To all my friends at school: Thank you for being my friend with benefits.
To my future friends: thank you for being my friend with benefits.
And to my future love involved relationship: Thank you for being my friend with benefits who loves me for who I am.

Just me doing an other little rant.
Now I kind of do wonder what your opinion is about this?! Don't be shy and leave a message!

Until next time~

maandag 4 april 2011


Hello my dear readers,

For those who live in Holland (or around Holland), have you noticed? Spring has finally started! Isn't it great? The sun in shining, people smile more often, and couples pop up everywhere! It makes me feel all the more shitty because I feel depressed when everything should be great!

Normally spring would be my most favorite season. I love how the flowers bloom, how the sun is nice and doesn't burn of your skin the moment you step out of the house, baby sheep are being born! The green is young and the clouds lovely white and fluffy! Normally I love this. But this year around, I might even hate it more then I did last year.

Spring turns out the be the season I get the most hardship thrown my way. Last year it was my exam -and even though I put up a decent collection I still fucked up because it wasn't MY collection, but the collection I had to make for school-, this year it's my grades and the maybe end of my going to school. Along with some other shit that happened that are really all my own fault. Which of course makes it suck even more.

I just started recovering from my winter depression and now I suddenly got a spring depression! And I'm pretty sure it's not going to be fixed by swallowing medication or putting myself under a special lamp.

I really need to find something fun to do for myself or something. I promised a classmate I would make cookies again sometime soon. But you know what? The thing about cookies, pie, cake and muffins is, that I love making them and I Love to see my friends and other people enjoy them, but I dislike them myself. I don't taste them for some reason.

My classmate said my room smelled like cookies, apparently. My ex always used to tell me I smelled like fresh baked cookies. Could that be the reason I can't taste my own baking? One more thing I ruin for myself. But in this case there is very little I can do about it I guess.

But I guess since I made the promise, I'm going to be baking coconut cookies soon. Maybe I'll make cinnamon muffins as well, maybe. At least m gonna get praised for it, and I get to see my friends enjoy my baking again. Its one of the little things I enjoy in life, I guess. It's just to bad the fear of one day loosing those praises, or smiling faces always looms in the back of my head.

I will shut up todays rant now.

Until next the next, hopefully more happy rant.