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zondag 30 oktober 2011

We are what We wear...

Hello my dears,

Today I want to talk with you about something that’s been on my mind for a long time already. I’ve actually had stickies on my closet with reminders and notes for this subject. 

As you might have notices already, Fashion is a really big deal for me. No matter which route I take I always go back to fashion one way or another. Just like fashion my dreams of fashion are constantly changing, as do my wishes and goals for the future. But some time ago I started wondering: what does fashion actually mean to me?

This actually started after I did something that might have not been such a good idea. I dressed myself up in my maid costume (the Akihabara one) and went down to show it off to my (back then still new) housemates. Looking back at it I actually regret it, even though I wish I didn’t. They’re reaction was not really positive. But that same day I started thinking “Why did I do that?“. I quickly came to the conclusion that for me, costumes are a way to express myself. Wearing a costume allows me to slip into a role and forget the things around me for a while, which usually means I feel better.

But later I started thinking “What about normal clothing. Don’t I use that to express myself as well?”.  And I guess I do use normal clothing to express myself as well. Then does that mean Costumes and Clothing are different or the same? And I guess, to me, they are the same. Clothing are Costumes and Costumes are Clothing. They are both a way to express yourself, and I wish you could wear them both on any occasion you wanted to, and but just when it is “accepted” to do so.

I taught myself to look through other people's eyes, so I know what is appropriate and what not. But lately I’ve been noticing I started caring less. I love it when I meet people who dare to wear that which make them feel comfortable, like Gyaru, Lolita and Gothic clothing, even if that means they’re wearing clothing of the opposite sex. It expresses that which they want to be most! I actually think it’s weird that in this era we’re still so hung up on gender and occasion specific clothing, while I know there are people who wish they could shop on the other side of the line, and wear whatever they felt like. A lot of these people resort to Costumes occasions for these things. 

I’m still secretly hoping there is going to be a time when we can wear whatever clothing/outfits we want without having people look at us weirdly. While it looks like we became more accepting of the many different style around us, I think we are still very close minded. I’m dreaming of a time where we can truly show who we are through clothing, maybe even much like animals do with they’re fur and feathers, instead of following the horde to fit in, not stand out and not get hurt.

I hope you’ll help me get closer to my dream by starting to wear what you want to, even if that means being different, adding things to your outfit which are “not normal” (what is normal, anyway?), shopping at the guys department as a girl, or shopping at the girls department as a guy.

If you share my dream, have an opinion you’d like to share or something to add, please don’t hesitate to leave a comment <3 Maybe we could share idea's, who knows <3

Love you for who you are,

Chibi Ohimesama

(note: I support people wearing what they want to wear, as long as it actually fits them! Size wise.) 
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  1. That is a very inspirational and at the same time a very recognizable piece of writing. I'll be happy to help you built your dream world.

  2. I totally agree with you. When I go out (even if it's just to shop for groceries) I always deck myself out in my lolita gear. And you know what surprisd me the most when I first started to wear lolita? I get so much more compliments than bad reactions!

    I hear a lot of people say... I really like *insert style* , but it's not for me. If I could give some people a little part of my selfconfidence and bravery to wear whatever I want to wear... I would do it without further hesitation.