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woensdag 3 november 2010

Milk Mask

hey there,

Yes I know, I have been really inactive with my blog.
Schoolwork is taking up all my time. And I'm going to try to get a job, too, so I'll be even more timeless, haha.
I'm really enjoying things right now. I wanna go and do things with friends (an urge I have never ever had in my live, before).
I have my ups and downs still, but, I feel like its going better.

Anyways, the reason I wanted to write:
I had a milk mask this evening.
A Milk mask, you might ask? Yes a milk mask. Well, what do you need for a milk mask.....
well pretty much just... milk.. maybe some brown suger... but thats it!!
Isn't it perfect??? I'm going to use it more often.

And that was pretty much it for today,

Love my friends *big hug*

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