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maandag 30 mei 2011

My new hairdo is here!!

My dears!!

I finally have it!! I finally did it!! The big day has been here today!!!
I got my new hairdo *happy dance*

I super duper love it <3
Let me know what you think???

zondag 29 mei 2011

Last day with long hair!!

Hello my dears,

Today is my last day with long hair!! I'm kind of nervous, I'm so used to having long hair.
But I'm also super looking forward to it!! I can't wait to get my hair cut!!

I'll be a short haired princess tomorrow afternoon. I will post a picture as soon as I can. Which will hopefully be tomorrow evening! Ooh I can't wait I can't wait!!!! *squeel*

Please look forward to it.

Until very soon <3

maandag 23 mei 2011

My current addiction: Takarazuka

Hello my dear readers,

It has been a while since I posted. I'm working on a "Do it my way" post but I wanted to post about something different first: Takarazuka.

I posted a little about Takarazuka in This post. Takarazuka is a theater form in Japan where all the roles are played by girls!! And~ It is my current addiction. I want to go to the Takarazuka theater in Japan someday and watch a show, for real. I already got to see Hamlet!! (a rock opera)(youtube), Elizabeth (a sort of side story of Sisi)(youtube)(youtube), The phantom of the opera (youtube) and my sweet sensei (thank you!!) lend me the DVD of the Takarazuka play The scarlet Pimpernel (youtube).

Takarazuka is a special theater style. Ichizo Kobayashi formed an all female theater group. Ichizo was the owner of Hankyu Railways, in Takarazuka, Japan in 1913. And thats where the Takarazuka Theater group got there name from! Western songs and shows were becoming populair in Japan, and Ichizo wanted to have an attraction to boost the ticket sales. And thus Takarazuka was born! (source: wikipedia)

I could tell you all about takarazuka here, but since I'm not really good in telling things I'll give you (once again) the wiki link so you can read all about it if you want! There is also a special Wikipedia on Takarazuka called Taki wiki with information about shows, the troupes and actresses.

Why do I think Takarazuka is cool? Well, for one because it is played by girls only. I think the Otokoyaku (the male role players) are super awesome. They look great, and even though you can see they are female from time to time, I tend to forget they are when I'm watching the play. The Musumeyaku (the female role players) are really beautiful and they remind me a bit of flowers when they are on stage. And then you have the costumes *dreams away*. I need to watch things with huge/fancy costumes in it at least 3 times. The Takarazuke costumes are they fit the entire image of the performance. And the best thing? You can go to Salon de Takarazuka and FIT THEM~ and get your PHOTO TAKEN *squeel*.

Please take a look at the youtube links, the wiki links and enjoy <3 And please let me know what you think!!! Maybe we could even someday organize a get together to watch Takarazuka together!!

Untill next time~

dinsdag 17 mei 2011


Hello my dears,

Now you must me wondering about the title, no?
Pyuupiru (ぴゅうぴる) is the name of a Japanese artist. Tonight I went to see a documentary about him. This documentary was also shows at International Film Festival Rotterdam.
The documentary was super interesting. A bit shocking as well.
Its about Pyuupiru, a Japanese artists, his live, love, art and his exhibitions. I don't even really know how to tell you about the documentary, if you like art, weird fashion things, you might like it. It is a bit shocking though. If you want to take a look about the things he made you should go here and look at the pictures in his portfolio. I think the things he makes are awesome, I hope I can go to see his work someday.

His story was kind of sad though. I know being a fashion designer/artist can be hard. And I know being Gay in a closed up community is hard as well. I can only try and imagen how hard it would be to be Trans-gender. Now add those 3 together. Thats sort of his story.

I only just learned about him, because of this documentary, but I really like his work, his story touched me, and I sort of feel some kind of respect for him now. It also makes me realize that I still do nothing to achieve my goals, hehe.

Please take a look at his portfolio, and let me know what you think.
And if you saw the documentary, what did you think of it??? I would love to talk about it!

Untill next time~!

zondag 15 mei 2011

One new hairdo, coming right up!

Hello my dears,

I'm super exited. Like, super super exited. Why? Because the date has finally been decided. The day I'm going to cut my hair! May 30~! I can't wait!

After thinking it over for almost halve a year, I'm finally doing it. I was always super afraid to cut my hair, because its a huge change (for me) and I was scared of changes. But now, already so much changed. I also already had my hair cut around March. It went form small of my back to just below my shoulder blades. It took me some time to get used to. But now I'm ready for the big step. My new hair length will be: somewhere in between the top of my shoulders to my chin. I'm looking super forward to it!

I've been gathering pictures of short hairstyles to get inspiration/ideas. I found lots of cute pictures that I reblogged on my tumbler . But I'm going to ask the hairdresser what she things is the best haircut for me (my sis will be the hairdresser I'm counting on you bis sis!!)

I might miss the pigtails and the braids, but hair will grow back. I don't think I will regret it. I've been wanting to cut my hair for so long now, but like I said I was afraid. Now, seeing all the girls around me cut they're hair, it gives me courage, but the main reason I'm cutting my hair is for me and me only!

It is really funny though, how my old friends are super against me cutting my hair, especially because its going to be so short. One of my friends even tried to forbid me to cut it. Not working *wink*. My new friends all think it will look super good/cute/sexy on me. It makes me feel good that they support me (my old ones as well, I know you do.)

so, May 30 is the day <3 I will post pictures, this time I will for sure <3

Until next time!!

woensdag 4 mei 2011

Crafty tips: Roses.

Hello there!

This summer I'm going to try to "pimp" my own cloths, shoes and bags a bit. And I'm going to share my idea's with you (and the results, of course)

One idea I have been having for a year now, is to make little, soft pink roses and add them to my white sneakers (the fake all-star kind). I got this idea for my fashion show but I never used it. I did buy the sneakers back then, they are still white and I still got the fabric I used for my fashion show. So when I have time I'm going to put the idea in practice!

How to make roses out of ribbon. It is something I learned from a book one of my friends had. But you can get tutorials online (like this one). I also have a guide in a sewing book on how to make "Chanel roses". But I am going to make ribbon roses.
(picture source

I will add them along the stitches on the shoe. Maybe if it is super cute I will buy a second pair and put roses all over them, hehe. There are really a 100 different ways you can use those roses. They are simple and can give you clothing a cute little detail.

Here are some more idea's I had:
- Make a brogue with them (also a cute b-day gift)
- Make a hair piece with them
- Add them to your bag, you can also to cover up the smudge!
- Add them to your basic shirts, along the collar, or all along the straps.
- Just add them anywhere you like!

There is really no limit to what you can do with fake roses (homemade or bought). Lolita charm also had some cute idea's for what to do with fake roses!

I'll post the result of my sneakers when I'm done! Please look forward to it.
Or if you made something yourself, please show it to us~!

Until next time

zondag 1 mei 2011

Somewhat lost...

Hello there,

M just posting something quick today.

Today is the first day of my spring break. This week I'm going to sewing a lot (need to finish the maid costumes and a costume for my sister) and I got lots of homework and studying to do. I need to study harder for Japanese. Even though I'm doing okay, I'm still really slow and, well, I got this feeling that I'm actually doing quite bad with Japanese.

And I feel lost. I'm stuck and I don't know which goal to reach to, or which path to take. I like to see life as a road. Right now I have tons of little roads I can take but, I don't know which one! And everyone around me seems to be taking those little roads without much hesitation.

I want to take life as it is at the moment, but, I do want to keep moving forward somewhat. Now I just feel stuck. I really don't know what I want to do with my life. The truth is, I'm a real wanna-be-something. The things like cute and a fashion designer are things I have been wanting to be/become for ages but other then that. I sometimes wonder if I'm not just riding on other peoples ideals, and they enthusiasm they have for the things they love. I keep finding that I do that a lot, these days. I wonder if I used to do it even more. I mean, at least now I no longer try to be the person other people wanted me to become.

Some days ago someone asked my why I was becoming so distant from them. Maybe even a bit hostile? When I thought about that I had to admit to myself that I've become distant and hostile to almost all of my old friends. Maybe its because I'm changing? I'm becoming someone els and they no longer know the me who I have become? Maybe I've become distant and hostile because, because... because I think/feel they still want me to be the old me? I don't know.

An other friend made me think about something els. I have learned to appreciate things more then I used to. Like fashion. Or cloths in general. Art as well. I've always appreciated music (I've just never been completely obsessed with an idol or band).

Maybe I'm just thinking to much and living to little. Who knows.
Just my little rant.

Until next time <3