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woensdag 4 mei 2011

Crafty tips: Roses.

Hello there!

This summer I'm going to try to "pimp" my own cloths, shoes and bags a bit. And I'm going to share my idea's with you (and the results, of course)

One idea I have been having for a year now, is to make little, soft pink roses and add them to my white sneakers (the fake all-star kind). I got this idea for my fashion show but I never used it. I did buy the sneakers back then, they are still white and I still got the fabric I used for my fashion show. So when I have time I'm going to put the idea in practice!

How to make roses out of ribbon. It is something I learned from a book one of my friends had. But you can get tutorials online (like this one). I also have a guide in a sewing book on how to make "Chanel roses". But I am going to make ribbon roses.
(picture source

I will add them along the stitches on the shoe. Maybe if it is super cute I will buy a second pair and put roses all over them, hehe. There are really a 100 different ways you can use those roses. They are simple and can give you clothing a cute little detail.

Here are some more idea's I had:
- Make a brogue with them (also a cute b-day gift)
- Make a hair piece with them
- Add them to your bag, you can also to cover up the smudge!
- Add them to your basic shirts, along the collar, or all along the straps.
- Just add them anywhere you like!

There is really no limit to what you can do with fake roses (homemade or bought). Lolita charm also had some cute idea's for what to do with fake roses!

I'll post the result of my sneakers when I'm done! Please look forward to it.
Or if you made something yourself, please show it to us~!

Until next time

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