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woensdag 29 december 2010

Radical Self love

Hello there *waves*.

I've been reading a lot lately, about self acceptence, self love and self healing.
I always go from one site to an other, being redirected to redirictions.
While reading "The playgirl's guide to radical self love" I found a lot of things that will hopefully help me to learn to love myself a bit more (I'm a big self hating, no matter what people think of me, or how much I pretend loving myself).

Here are 2 video's I want to share with you:

Katie Makkai - Pretty

Learn a little about love from an Angel...

I hope you find them just as magical and helpfull as I do.

Hopefully somday I will learn to love myself and accept myself. Wish me luck <3

Chibi ohimesama

zondag 5 december 2010

Hello kitty addict

Its kinda a random post today.
And yes I know it has been a long time.
I have had little to post about.

So anyways
I want to present to you *drum sounds*
the proof that I'm NOT in ANYWAY a HELLO KITTY ADDICT <3

See? Not a hello kitty addict at all <3

Bought them in a special hello kitty/sanrio goodybag for only 9.95 euro <3 (with lots other stuff, so no, i didn't pay 9.95 for only this).
I wan't to put them where I can see them BUT I don't want to waste them T-T
good thing there are doubles and most of them are even double-doubles <3 so yay <3

Well thats it for today <3 Did I prove I'm not a hello kitty addict at all???
M sure I did <3

See you next time <3