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woensdag 13 oktober 2010

Costume designs

Hi there *waves
Today is just a little quick post with some drawings/designs I made in class.
I made them thinking about my favorite thing.
I hope you enjoy them.

I really love these designs.
I'll probebly end up making every one of them.
If I do I'll post pictures of the outcome.

Thats it for now

Baibai *waves*


Disclaimer: these drawings/designs have been made by me (chibiohimesama). Noone is allowed to use them!

woensdag 6 oktober 2010

Weird things


Today I have some weird happy things to post about. Weirder then normal? Well, yes, to some of you it might be weird.

I'm at the moment completely happy about my first time making~ *drum sounds* ~ Sprouts!
Yes, sprouts <3 Those greene little vegtebles so many people hate. I love them. And my very first time making them turned out great <3 they were yummy.

I felt good about making homework. I actuarly understood what the book said, which was great.

O and we had our first Kanji lesson today. Asusa-sensei is a great teacher. She teaches in a really fun way that makes you remember things way easier then the boring book stuff. I gave her muffins yesterday, as a thank you because she borrowed me her NaNa magazine. Which was a really great magazine. I love the Japanese fashion.

And~ I aparently gave a HUGE compliment to one of my clasmates. I was looking at the pictures in my Kera (June 2010) magazine and there was this one model that reminded me of that clasmate. So today I took the magazine with me and told that clasmate that model reminded me of her. She was totally hounered by it. Really cute <3. After that we started squeeling about all the cute cloths and hot/sexy/cute models in the magazine, haha.
It was fun.

And I should really be doing homework right now, haha...
Well I'll be off to do homework now.

*waves* Bai Bai


maandag 4 oktober 2010

Amsterdam Shopping and others...

Hello everyone *waves cheerfully*

Today is going to be a cheery entry. Because I have a lot of fun things to talk about.

I'm going to start with the most fun thing:
I went shopping in Amsterdam, during the National Glamour day, with Chelle-chan. It was really fun. It took me 4 hours to get to Amsterdam. The trains had problems all over the rail system in Holland. Normally it would take me about 2 and a half our. But now I had to take the bus. And the train made a detour because it couldn't take the direct route. But I still went. I even faced by fear of long bus trips to go shopping with Chelle-chan in Amsterdam, which made me feel really proud of myself.
We actually didn't do a lot of shopping, but I really liked being together with a friend and having fun and talking. I actually got her addicted to Sabon. Something I have been addicted to for about 3 years. She even bought me a mudmask for my b-day (and I'm going to bake her muffins or pie in return).
I bought a black baret which is totally cute <3 And cute PJ's. And a book with the full collection of William Shakespeare. I have been wanting to read Shakespeare for a long time now and this book was only 6.50 euro. It must have been a secret sign that I should start reading Shakespeare, I'm sure.

I cleaned my room the other day. I hear you wondering "That's what you call fun?" Well, yes, actually, I think its fun. Because now my rooms clean and sparkly (not really) and it smells clean, too. And cleaning my room or cleaning the dishes cleans out the chaos in my head. This makes it even more fun to do.
I also did my laundry. Well really nothing special about that, I know. But I got to dry it outside. It was such a wonderful feeling to see my laundry dancing happy on the wind <3.

And I made muffins. I made them for someone on my floor because it was her birthday. I had fun making them and I'm going to make muffins more often. They are apple-cinnamon muffins. They looked really cute when they where just out of the oven. But.. when it was time to eat them they looked all soggy because of the apple inside of it. But they were really yummy. I got a lot of compliments from my housemates so it was worth it all.

So yea I had a lot of fun things this weekend. It all made me feel really happy and content.

This week I'm going to have my first Kanji lesson, which is actuarly cute scary. But I'm sure I can do it. I got great friends that will help me get through it all.
I love you girls and guys <3

Thats all for today.

*Waves* Bai Bai