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maandag 23 mei 2011

My current addiction: Takarazuka

Hello my dear readers,

It has been a while since I posted. I'm working on a "Do it my way" post but I wanted to post about something different first: Takarazuka.

I posted a little about Takarazuka in This post. Takarazuka is a theater form in Japan where all the roles are played by girls!! And~ It is my current addiction. I want to go to the Takarazuka theater in Japan someday and watch a show, for real. I already got to see Hamlet!! (a rock opera)(youtube), Elizabeth (a sort of side story of Sisi)(youtube)(youtube), The phantom of the opera (youtube) and my sweet sensei (thank you!!) lend me the DVD of the Takarazuka play The scarlet Pimpernel (youtube).

Takarazuka is a special theater style. Ichizo Kobayashi formed an all female theater group. Ichizo was the owner of Hankyu Railways, in Takarazuka, Japan in 1913. And thats where the Takarazuka Theater group got there name from! Western songs and shows were becoming populair in Japan, and Ichizo wanted to have an attraction to boost the ticket sales. And thus Takarazuka was born! (source: wikipedia)

I could tell you all about takarazuka here, but since I'm not really good in telling things I'll give you (once again) the wiki link so you can read all about it if you want! There is also a special Wikipedia on Takarazuka called Taki wiki with information about shows, the troupes and actresses.

Why do I think Takarazuka is cool? Well, for one because it is played by girls only. I think the Otokoyaku (the male role players) are super awesome. They look great, and even though you can see they are female from time to time, I tend to forget they are when I'm watching the play. The Musumeyaku (the female role players) are really beautiful and they remind me a bit of flowers when they are on stage. And then you have the costumes *dreams away*. I need to watch things with huge/fancy costumes in it at least 3 times. The Takarazuke costumes are they fit the entire image of the performance. And the best thing? You can go to Salon de Takarazuka and FIT THEM~ and get your PHOTO TAKEN *squeel*.

Please take a look at the youtube links, the wiki links and enjoy <3 And please let me know what you think!!! Maybe we could even someday organize a get together to watch Takarazuka together!!

Untill next time~

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  1. wow looks nice :)

    Looks very interesting :)
    coming from me that says allot, cause im always afraid theater would bore me :( (blasphemy i know )

    Might be awesome to go and see this .... :O certainly unique >_< and going to japan and only see the standard stuff would be boring..

    Those outfits looks really good ^_^ i can see there has been allot of effort in creating those clothes.

    Learned something new :)