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maandag 10 oktober 2011

Hello Kitty at the Sieboldhuis Leiden

Hello my dears,

Last Sunday, 9 oktober 2011, I went to the Hello Kitty exhibition at the Sieboldhuis in Leiden. Yay.

Something which was really strange for me was going to a museum alone. I've always been with somebody, a friend, my mom, just somebody, but never alone. But this weekend, I went alone. It took me a 8 hour train trip (to and back) and I walked toward the museum itself (which happened to be farther away then I though it would be, oeps?) but I got to see Hello Kitty! Though it was visible that the exhibition was for little kids, it was fun to see all the stuff gathered together. Being a semi big fan of Hello Kitty and a Huge fan of Japan I had a super day.

I took some pictures with my phone. They're not the best but they'll have to do.

This was a Hello Kitty Denshi Jisho (electronic word tank) and a cam. I wish I could have had that Hello Kitty denshi jisho :( But my current pink one is okay too.

Hello Kitty toaster! I still really want to have the toaster. When I'm getting my real own place, I'm definitely getting one! I want toast with Hello Kitty on it.
O yea, and the yellow thingie was a banana cover or something. Didn't know what to think of that haha.
Hello Kitty headphone, a Hello kitty purse of which I wish it was in my possession and some kind of elastic band thingie which I still don't see the purpose of.

I really loved this stuff. A Hello Kitty bento box (Japanese style lunch box), a wine glass and a sake set. It was totally adorable.

Within the building they had 3 walls with a Hello Kitty print on it. I loved it, and totally want it on my wall!
An other wall!

There little things are Hello Kitty Local Phone straps. Everywhere you go in Japan you can get a Phone strap that will remind you of the city you've been to. These were all the Hello Kitty Local Phone straps gathered together. I couldn't get them all on cam though.

This was the poster that showed where which Hello Kitty Phone strap came from. Colorful ~

Hello Kitty Fox suit Phone strap. Or at least I think it's a fox..

An other Hello Kitty Fox suit Phone strap. Isn't it adorable?? Actually took these pictures for a friend that loves foxes. She calls my Hello Kitty collection Hello Michi, so I have named these Fox suit straps Hello Foxy. Cute, no?

Hello Kitty in Kimono and other Japanese traditional clothing. Thought it was super cute.

This was a Hello Kitty Yukata. At first I wondered why this Yukata was in the Hello Kitty collection, but when I got closer to look at the obi I understood! It had a really subtle Hello Kitty print! Isn't it pretty?

And this one was just to awesome not to take a picture of. The Deadmans crab! It was huge! At first I was afraid to get close even though it was super dead and stuff, haha.

And there was a lot more stuff then just the pictures above! Like shoes and clothing and bags and, just a lot, but not nearly as much as the WHOLE Hello Kitty collection would have been.

If you have time and you like Hello Kitty, you should consider going.



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  1. I love hello kitty! wish I could have gone :(