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zondag 19 september 2010

My little place for me.

Hello there,

It's just a short post today.

But I wanted to tell you all about a place that's really special to me.

I always look forward for the time I can take my place in this little spot again. I regret the times I have to say goodbye to that spot, even if I know that spot will return. I look forward to this place for me almost every day of the year. Because I really feel it's that special little spot just for me. I can forget, I can have fun, I can be happy and sparkly and be me. It's a very nice spot.

It's the little spot I fill when I'm working as a Maid in the Dutch Maid Cafe at the anime conventions in Holland. It's my little spot at Sparkling Potpourri.

I might not be the best maid, or the cutest. But I love my little spot as a Sparkling Potpourri maid with all my heart and I hope I can keep on being a Sparkling Potpourri maid for many many many years to come.

I just wanted to tell the world how much I love my little spot.

If you can, please come see us at one of the dutch conventions and help me and the rest of the maids to stay with you for many many many years.

*waves* baibai


3 opmerkingen:

  1. wut "I might not be the best maid, or the cutest."
    Even if your not you made ALL THE OUTFITS, people mistake you for headmaid. You're working ur @ss of there and then you're liek "my LITTLE spot"
    Quit being that belittling miss, you have A VERY IMPORTANT ROLE at SP. Even a bystander liek me can see.

  2. Sparkling Potpourri~~~


  3. You're so adorable <3 Michi hime wa sugoi na <3

    I really love SP. and I really love you and your skills, stop this insecurity ;D

    xx Kasumii n.n