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zondag 12 september 2010

New chapters.

Hello there,

This little princess has been a busy little princess these past few weeks.
Like you might have read in earlier posts, I've started the new chapters of my lige called: A new study, as well as the chapter called: Living on my own.
I wanted to tell you a bit about both of them.

A new study.
2 Weeks ago i started my new study. For those who are wondering, I am studying Japanese. We're going to be educated to be an intermediary in English-Japanese International businesses.
The first week was the introduction week. We met our classmated and some really nice second graders showed us around the school. I have to say I really like my class.
We're all rally different from eachother, but we get long quite well. At least I think we do. I relaly like it that we al have a love for the Japanese language. I think it is because of that, that we get along so well. I hope we all become friends, somewhat, and will have a nice school period.
The second week we had our first classes. It was really different from what I'm used to, as i have studied (and graduated) to become a tailored/costom made cloths specialist before. It's a lot of theoratical stuff and a lot more homework then I'm used to. But even so I'm having a lot of fun. I'm discovering new parts of myself. And I really like studying from books a lot.
I can't wait untill we get started in our real Japanese study books. We are going to use the Japanese study books called: Minna no Nihongo (みんなの日本語). I'm really excited about going to use them. I have to admit that up untill now I only know the Hirigana (and it takes me a bit to recognize them when I'm reading a text, BUT I'm already quite happy about how well it's going). I was studying my Katakana when I decided I needed to put an entry on my blog <3.

Living on my own.
Now living on my own is a whole lot different from what I expected it to be. Sure I have a lot of fun taking care of myself, doing my own cooking and having a place (a whole 11 square meter) to call my own. But the housemate thing is a bit tricky every now and then.
Now don't get me wrong, I have housemates that are really nice. But some of them are a bit... messy. And I really like clean. And most of my housemates are really outgoing people, they go out, drink, have parties and the likes. And I don't go out, drink (a lot) or do just the general student stuff. But it's just the start of the school year so who knows how that will turn out to be later on.
I'm doing really well with cooking and cleaning my own (and sometimes my floor mates) dishes. The problem is doing my own laundry. Not that I don't know how to do it, because I do. But we have to buy coins for the washing machine (it's a coin operated machine). and the coin gives us 3 hours to wash. Now for the problem: I Don't have enough cloths to put in the washine machine for 3 hours (we can do 2 laundry's in 2 hours) in one week. But on the other hand I don't have enough cloths to NOT do my laundry at least once a week. So thats a thing I have to kind of figure out.

Well that's about it for the new chapters of my storie. That is, unless you want to add the chapter: Current obsessions. I founf the site of the @home maid cafe by accident and have been hooked up on it ever since. I totally love the way it looks and the way it shows the profiles of the totally cute maids. I really want to go to the @home cafe if I go to Japan. And I looked at the blogs some of the maids have. I saw most of the blogs use a lot of Hirigana and little kanji. So i figured I could maybe use this little overly sweet addiction to help me keep up with reading Hirigana (and the kanji they use).
Just so you don't worry, I only look at it when I have finished my homework.

I think that's all for today. I should get some more tea and study the rest of my katakana now.
I hope you enjoyed this little update on the chapters of my life.

*waves* BaiBai

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