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woensdag 29 september 2010


Hi there...

As the title says this entry is about stress.

Something I am, sadly, dealing with right now. And not just this moment, no, I have been dealing with it for the past one and a half, maybe two years. And its really frustrating.
Stress makes me sad. Stress makes me tired. Stress makes me even more stressed and stress hurts my body...
It makes me feel insecure, it makes me feel like everything I do takes a big chunk of energy out of me. It makes it hard to focus.

There are lots of things that stress me out right now.
Not being able to follow school all to well because of stress is one of them. Why can't I follow school all to well because of the stress? Because stress makes me tired. Which, in turn, makes that I stress about not being able to follow school. Do you notice the lovely little spiral in this?
Not being sure about the people around me is an other stress factor. And I don't mean my friends (and some of the classmates I already consider friend) but the people outside my little friend bubble. There are just some people I can't handle right now and that gives me stress as well. Like some of my housemates. Or some other people.
Homework kind of gives me stress to. I really need to make a list on the things I should make, because I keep forgetting (being extra chaotic is a side effect of stress, too) and then I end up stressed because I forgot to make it.

And the 'best' thing about stress? It can leave its mark on you for about half a year, sometimes even a year. Yay, great.

I'm really happy that I have so many people supporting me. They keep me going and keep me from being a coward and running away. Love you girls (and guys).


On a happier note. I really love my Japanese classes. The Japanese teachers are all really nice and I love the way they teach us they're language. I am trying my best with studying.
Living on my own is going really well as well. I love cooking. When I have time I am going to try out baking too.

Thats it for now,
*waves* baibai

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  1. Take it easy, angel. Things will get better. just take it one step at a time. rushing things will only make it worse.

    And remember: you'll always have friends to lend you a shoulder. even if it is to cry on, of complain to about the world around you.