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vrijdag 29 april 2011

Do it my way: Being cute

Hello my Dearest readers,

Welcome to my first real "Do it my way" post!!
The last few weeks I have been working on writing a guide about "How to be cute". I looked up lists, articles and tons of other things that had to do with how to be cute. While looking up all these things I discovered something: All those lists and articles just tell you how to act cute and, while some of the steps are helpful, they just feel fake to me. I even found a list where it said I had to act like a 10 year old in order to be cute.

After I discovered this I went back to thinking about the basics: What is cute? When I started thinking about this I realized I never ever thought about this before (have you?). I now think "cute" differs per person. There is really no real standard for being cute. I believe that you have to make your own "cute" standard, for yourself, and to not let other be a huge influence on your idea's.

So instead of making a guide on "How to be cute", I am going to write about the steps I took, and am taking, to try and be cute. Maybe my way of doing things can give you new idea's.
These idea's can also be used by other styles. Just insert any other style where the word cute is used, like cool. Goes for the guys as well. How to be manly *wink*.

> I think about myself being and acting cute. I think I do this about once a day. How would I dress if I could just magically make clothing appear, how do I act if I didn't have any barriers, those kind of things. I try to dress the way I thought about and I try to act the way I imagined it. In a way you could say I'm trying to shape myself to my own fantasies. Sometimes I write it down. It is really funny to see how my idea of cute changes from day to day!

> I practice being cute. This might sound kind of sad and/or crazy but I make poses and faces in frond of the mirror. In a way you could say I train myself to act in a way I find cute. This way I can make this way of acting my own and if it becomes natural to me, I will never look fake! It really makes me laugh as well. Sometimes I pull really weird faces and I end up laughing about myself. (A lot of models do this as well! Try it!)

> I smile when I feel like smiling. Smiling makes me happy. And I think smiling is cute, thus, I smile. Smiling is good for you (even the scientists say so!). All in all, I have lots of reasons to smile, so I smile.

> I can't always act cute. Sometimes, when I feel really depressed, I just can't act cute. I used to try to always act cute, even if I felt bad, especially when I felt depressed, but it takes up a lot of energy. When I'm not feeling well I just act the way I feel at that moment. Theres really no reason to force yourself to act a way you don't want to. I even think that it is bad for you.

> I wear cloths that suit my body type, are comfortable and that I think are cute. This is actually something I found in a lot of lists. And I think you should always wear cloths that suit your body type and where you are comfortable in. So this pretty much goes for any style.
When I wear comfortable cloths that I think are cute and suit my body, I feel a lot more cute and happy when when I wear cloths that are to tight or to big and saggie (big cloths can be cute, if you know how to wear them).

> I try to have a cute air around me, more then a cute image. This one is a bit hard to explain. I try to recreate the feeling I get with cute, more then that I try to be like the people in the pictures I find, or to have the cloths they wear.

> I noticed my opinion about what is cute changes a lot. One day I can find a picture that I think is totally cute and a week later I can't remember why I thought it was cute again. So I try to look up new cute things every day (or every other day). Tumblr is a great place to look up pictures. I reblog the pictures to keep this memorized. I only save the really cute or pretty pictures.

This is pretty much how I try to be cute. There are a lot more things I do to be/become cute, but these are the ones I want to share with you. I hope you can get some idea's out of it.

Please let me know what you think! I love to hear about other peoples idea's and opinions.

Until my next post <3

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  1. hmmm welcome in the most vague part about humans ^^

    Definitions xD
    Even though most people act like a herd .... there still be small difference in how they think about something like cute :P and people thoughts can also change.

    And also you can find someone/something cute that is acting tough .... ( example a barking Chiwawa)

    "I even found a list where it said I had to act like a 10 year old in order to be cute."

    Even though most childeren are cute... (something about there innocents make them that... i think or maybe something else ) acting like one will be more like acting like a spoilt brat... and even though some will find that cute .. :P most wont >_<

    "while some of the steps are helpful, they just feel fake to me."

    Fakeness in people in how the act can really bother me... mostly i can see trough it ... if your a guy or a chick i know thats not how you are.

    And it sucks that it now is a standard within a big group in society ... it has be come "normal"

    "I wear cloths that suit my body type, are comfortable and that I think are cute."

    wearing what you find pretty / comfortable is the best thing ... :P i tried it once thinking i was easily with clothes... :P but apparently when it comes to clothes/how i see myself ... im 100% "ikeh doen zelf xD"
    And your the one that has to wear the clothes so thats a extra reason to follow your own gut feeling >_<

    And when you get a compliment when your wearing something you self picked its even more worth while... :D

    Well for me "being something" isn't something that i expire to be... >_< i tried it for a while but i soon went back to just be "myself" something that is struck in the very core of my existence.

    Not that i say i already what i want to be but im getting there :P (sounds strange getting to be myself ... but it isnt ^^)

    Not that i have something against people who try to be something its not something i self will do.

    Everyone walks there own path of life.. and i know i walk a different route and i am really consent with that ^^ wouldn't want it any different way.

    Dont know if this response is what you are looking for :) but this is the response i have after thinking about it for a while.