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donderdag 17 maart 2011

Still sick..

Hello everybody~

As the title says, I'm still sick. It has been a week now and its really frustrating.
Today is the first day I've felt good enough to make homework. Its really really frustrating.

Time for a little frustration rant:

Right now nothing is working out the way I want it too. I'm behind on my studies thanks to being sick. I feel like shit and I don't look cute at all. My legs hurt from laying down all day, it hurts to walk because my legs hurt. My head is still really fussy so I can only do the most simple homework. And its just, ugh. I wish I never got sick.....

And you know whats the worst of this time being sick? I feel uber lonely. Everybody is busy, and I don't blame them, I should be busy as well. But I go about my day watching Anime and Asian Drama's and checking my facebook and msn for messages. And each time I check facebook and msn for no reason, cause there are no messages...
Maybe I'm being unreasonable, but I feel super lonely.

And I feel lost. I don't know what I want to do anymore. I pretty much already gave up hope for my studies, even though I'm still trying (other wise I wouldn't be making homework while still sick, don't you think?)but... *shrug* I just don think I can do it in the end. Maybe I should just become a hip, super fashionable house mom or something.

I hope I feel better soon.

End of my rant.

See ya

2 opmerkingen:

  1. I wish i lived more closly >_< i could come and visit :(

    srry about not messaging.... intership and msn/fb isnt allowed :(

    Dont lose hope i believe you can do it !!!
    (if you wont make you this year cant you the year again ?)

    "Maybe I should just become a hip, super fashionable house mom"

    Even though that would also suit you ;)
    I think you should try becoming what you want to be! :P
    *tries cheering trips and falls*

    Beterschap :D en ik duim voor je ;)

    Groetjes cristiaan,

  2. Aww sweety ;O
    Don't go feel lonely~
    You should try making the best of it and just rest as much as possible so u'll get better even sooner ^^

    Btw did you already tried watching "Dream High" & "Secret Garden"? They are so amazing O.o especially the last one ^^ hmm furthermore I hope you'll recover soon ;D

    Take care! (and sorry for my worse english >.<)

    xoxo *hugzz*