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donderdag 10 maart 2011

Changing again

Hiya readers,

As you may have noticed (or at least I sure hope you noticed) I changed my blog. Why? Because I can *insert evil laughter*. And because I wanted to.

Its been a while sins I started this blog and a hell of a lot of stuff has happened sins then. I changed, big time. I went to a new school, I made new friends, I lost old ones, I discovered new things about myself, I found new interests and a whole lot of other stuff you probably don't really wanna read all about. So yea I changed my blog because I'm changing. My whole blog will probably change with time.

So yea.....
I added a few .... how are those things called again? well anyways there is a "blogs that are totally worth following" box to your left, and a "My current obsession" box at the top. You SHOULD totally check out "XiaXue" if you haven't already. She's kinda cool. Won a blog award or something along those lines so thats totally worth checking out.

Maybe its time for a little update about me?

Lets see~ ......... *draws a blank*.....
Okay, so maybe, unlike some of my friends think, I find it really hard to talk about myself. I really don't know what to say about myself. Besides the fact that I can now admit that I actually really don't like talking about myself. Sure I talk about the things I DO a lot. But really about myself? Nop, not really, Never really did either.

okay~ About what I do then, maybe???

I'm gonna stop sewing for people. At least for a while. Its about damn time that I put myself in first place. And thats just what I'm gonna do!

I started really liking baking. Like it even more that people like my baking. Got to watch out for my ego though.... *looks at her ego thats about as small as her pinkie* oooorrrr maybe not.

So what more~..... I need to kick up my skills for school. Its actually not going to well. But I'm trying, so if I fail I can at the very least say I tried my hardest.

I kind of stopped liking Lolita fashion. Its not a big part of my live anymore. Though I still love frills and dolls and all those kind of cute and girlie things, I'm now more interested in Gyaru and Mori (Japanese fashion styles). Though unlike I did will Lolita fashion I don't want to make the mistake of saying "I want to be a (insert any type of subculture)." I don't want to be anything. I just like the cloths and I'm going to wear them My way. I don care what people say as long as I like it.

And thats about all the things I can think of for now. Hopefully next time I'll have something really interesting to catch your attention.

Have a fashionable weekend ya'll~

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  1. "Got to watch out for my ego though.... *looks at her ego thats about as small as her pinkie* "

    *throws some growfast on chibi ohimesama pinky*
    Let it grow :D

    baking can be allot of fun :)
    The titel is "princess kitchen" it is a manga :) but in each volume it has recipes ;) some are really jummy to make :D so if you ever run out of ideas you can check that xD

    "* Being "Moe""
    Putting something there that you already are ;)

    Well hope you feel better soon and just stay being cute ;)

    *Random anonymous person out*