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zondag 20 maart 2011

Back on track...

Hi readers,

Lets make a party~ I'm finally better! well, almost better. M still coughing my lungs out BUT I feel great!

Starting this week I'm going to try to work hard to get my stuff back on track. Because of the week being sick, I'm behind on my studies, big time. I tried to keep up with my Japanese studies a bit, but I still missed so much! Getting my studies back on track (and my homework) is my number one prioritie! I really really really want to be able to say I tried my best. Right now I don't think I will make it, but I am going to try anyways.

My next step to getting my stuff back on track: Training! I've been sitting on my lazy butt all day sins the start of my studies. The only exercise I get are during Japanese Workshops or when I bike to school/the train station. I want to lose my fluffy belly so I'm going to work out my belly muscles~ Will help me get the perfect belly this summer. I want bikini's

One other thing on my list is just to have fun~! I'm way to stressed about all the things around me. I have to do this I have to do that I have to I have to! It's making me gloomy because I'm living my life doing stuff I have to do because I have to do them. It is time I start having Fun.

I'm also gonna post my new cute hair when I have time and when it is doing what I want it to do, haha.

Well~ I'll keep you updated.

Ba Bai~

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  1. yay your feeling better =)

    "Right now I don't think I will make it, but I am going to try anyways."

    don't worry you will make it >_<
    Most people are at there best when there in a pinch ! :)

    Having fun is something most people need to do more :D

    Il check out the pic of your new hairstyle when you feel like it ;)