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zondag 18 juli 2010

Being jealous


Everybody gets jealous every now and then in various degrees, for various reasons. Some people get jealous of someone who has a cuter shirt, or at someone who gets better grades then they themselves do. Some get jealous over boyfriends or attention others get from certain people.

I think being unhappy or not liking or even not loving yourself is the biggest reason someone is jealous of someone else. Why else would we look at someone and dislike them for something we don't have ourselves.

A friend of mine wrote a little piece of advice someone gave her on her blog: "Being jealous, thinking negative, its all a safe place for is. Instead of becoming jealous, is it not better to think of that person as a role model? Instead of 'I want to be skinny as her' thinking 'she does a lot of dancing, I should copy her moves!'".

I think it's a really good advice and it really got me thinking. What do those people I'm jealous of do to get those things I'm jealous off? I've decided to make a list of all those things other people do to achieve those things I'm jealous of. Maybe I'll try to copy them, to see if i could achieve something quite like it. I might not become quite as good as them, But that won't be the point anymore then. The point would be doing something to achieve something I like. Or maybe I'll find out it's not worth the effort. If it means I have to do things against my believes, or even something that damages me or the people around me, it's just not worth becoming something like them.

Like I said, I think being unhappy about yourself is the main reason we get jealous. So in order to stop being jealous, we should start liking ourselves more. We should start being happy about ourselves and proud of what we already have. Maybe we will even realize we have a lot more then we thought, maybe even have something we where jealous off to begin with.

So I'm making a list about what is good about me and what other people could envy about me! I've never thought about it much before. But I have good qualities just as much as everyone else does. Up until now I've only seen my own faults and what I don't have. I didn't see what made me special.

I'm going to sit in frond of the mirror and write down the things i like about my face, my hair and my body and I'm going to be proud of it. I'm going to think about what I'm good at and about what I achieved so far and I'm going to be proud of it. I'm going to think about all my good habits and character treats. And I'm going to be so very much proud of it all, there'll hardly be any reason to be jealous anymore, at all.

And these are today's thoughts of a little princess,

Chibi Ohimesama

2 opmerkingen:

  1. Jealousy is an emotion that feels like treason. Worse thing is the fact, that you can't reason with it. Thinking what you described in your blog, is something impossible for a person who is jealous.
    Jealousy makes people unreasonable, it takes free will away, it takes thinking away.

    That is the reason why I hate it so much...

  2. You don't always have to be jelous because you look up to someone. You can also be jelous..of something that happend before.. and you don't want that to happen again.