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woensdag 24 februari 2010


Hello again~

Finally after half a year of no free days besides the holidays like Christmas and such, I finally finally finally have a week of no school~ it feel so great~
I finally get to do some things I have been wanting to do for quite some time. Like starting on fixing the maid costumes, making new maid costumes for the new maids and Marimite school uniform costumes we are most likely going to wear to the dutch yaoi con.

I got a few totally cool things this week.
Like the Kera magazines I ordered at the Nakano web shop. I have ordered my gothic lolita bibles there before, but sins I want to look at more styles then just gothic and lolita I have started ordering Kera as well (if they have Egg and Razuki and magazines like that I would probably order them as well)

I had to get a few things in town today and because I didn't feel like going home just yet I went to a few other stores. And they just had some of the cutest things. Like these hello kitty buttons. I just can't help it. I'm a bit of a hello kitty addict. I wanna use this buttons on shirts for my exams collection, so I feel a bit less guilty about buying them.

And while going into my favorite cheap bookshop I found a book about fashion. And the thoughts behind it. Which is something I have been wondering about lately so it must have been ment to be or something haha.

Being a total Hello Kitty addict I subscribed to the Happy Newsletter (or something along those lines) at And with doing that I got a free Hello Kitty calender download. And it is just the cutest calender ever. And a perfect calender to cross away the days I have left until I have to do my collection presentation. I have to present the idea's I had for my collection to a group of teachers and professionals. And honestly? I have no idea what to do yet T-T.

Well sins I can't upload any more pictures at the moment I am going to stop here :)
Till next time *waves*

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