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zondag 7 februari 2010

New week

Yesh an other new week is starting tomorrow. And I am going to do a lot of things.

One of the things I am going to do is write an entry on my visiting the open days of the AMFI in Amsterdam last Saturday. I have to say I had a lot of fun and I got an better idea of what I want to do after I've graduated from this school.

For school I have to keep working hard on my exams, which are coming along quite fine if you ask me (but its only been the first week, so who knows) I decided on the brand name I am going to use for my collection. O-Hime-Sama, or OHS for short. Cool no??? Just now I had this really cool idea for a logo, too. Now I still have to think of the kind of collection I want to design under it. Its so hard having to use a fashion prognoses.

And tomorrow we're getting cake baked by one of my school friends. Why you may ask? She and I made this deal that if I 'saved' her from having to go eat fast food with some of our other friends (they go to this snack bar 3 times a week), she would buy me cake. Well she baked it, actually, but cake is cake, and cake is something I love. I'll tell how the cake was, if we life to tell the tale (she always says eating home made food by her is suicide).

eto~ anything more I can think of right now?
I wanna get to sewing so I will probably do that. I thought of making some home sewn birthday presents, so I might think those things out. Working on the maid costumes is a must, so thats a top priority this week. I might just post the end result of how the collars worked out.

chibi ohimesama

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