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maandag 1 februari 2010

First day of a whole new half year

Hello minna,

So. Today was the first day of my exams. We got our project book and they explained roughly what was in the project book. Lucky we get to "start our own cloths line" this yea without having to fight for it :D so yay. I'm really looking forward to doing this stuff, though of course I am quite nervous as well. I kind of have an idea what I want to do for my collection, but we have to do research for it. If it will sell and what kind of people will buy it and why and why we thing its the a good idea to make THIS collection and not a different one. I want to do something with dolls for an idea, but not necessarily the cute cute fluffy fluffy ones. Think the more dark ones. If the fashion prognoses for 2011 (which we HAVE to use for our collection idea's) allow it I want to take it to a black/white and print theme. I'll find a way if thats not in the 2011 prognoses to do it anyways =D the persistent ones always get there way, no?

After the explanation and everything they had arranged for us to go to a high tea. The place we went to was called "Het paradijs" and it looked really pretty. It was like a small green house. And you know what the most amassing thing was? The person who build it actually lived there.

Isn't it pretty? The tea was quite nice (though the serving people didn't know what kinda tea it was, I think) and they had cakes and scones and sandwiches and those kinda things. it was yummy, but there was more then we could eat, haha.

Ooh I almost forgot. This morning it was snowing like really really heavily, so much even that my dad canceled going to sports (which really means a lot) and the bus wasn't getting through the traffic either. So we had to go to the train station by bike (me and a friend). It was really hard to bike because it was really slippery and everything. and when we finally almost made it to the train station, I fell. I made this really really nice slide, too =D . It was really funny (no I didn't hurt myself, thats why it was funny). And my friend fell to because she was afraid she'd bike over my hand if she kept on going. Luckily she missed my hand. But we where laughing about it when we where still on the ground. And some people that came after us where like "Are you okay??". I think it might have looked like quite a fall. I donno if I have any bruises... I might. And even though we fell and took quite long to get to the train, we actually made it on time *cheers*. We where the first one at school from our class, even, haha.

On a different note:
I had a few more idea's for shirts this weekend. A few really really cool ones.
And I kind of started on my dress. I made a base. And I thought out some problems I where having this night (I know, I'm supposed to sleep at night, but... I can't help but thinking about cloths at night, really I can't)

O yea. We had a meeting of the Maids this weekend, too. The maids?? I hear you think. Yes, maids. I am part of the Dutch Maid team called sparkling potpourri ( We had a meeting to discuss some things that had to be done and we talked about some things that might be good idea's, or might not be. I'm having a lot of fun with the maids. I'm looking forward to the next time we're having the maid cafe on a convention again.

I think that is all for today :D
Till next time

chibi ohimesama

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