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donderdag 28 januari 2010

Just things

Hello minna~

Today i went to the open day of my school, because i wanted to look at the other education programs they have at our school. I have to say some where pretty interesting, though not the "OMG I sooo wanna do that" kind of interesting. But I had fun with some of my friends and thats what counts, no? They where selling these totally cute and awesome plushes that they had to make for a school project, I pre-ordered 2 of them (No I am not to lazy to make my own, I just thought how cool it would be to have plushes of my friends among my own made plush collection. I couldn't watch the fashion show the 2th year students where having, which I kind of regret, but We will probably be shown a video of the show when we get back to school, for the model picking.

Tomorrow is my last day at my internship, I am really looking forward to going back to school.
Though my internship went with ups and a lot of downs, I can at least say I learned a few things there, and that is what counts in the end. I learned a lot about myself there too, which is really a priceless thing on its own.

eto~ Right now I am working on some patterns for a dress I want to make. If it turns out the way I want to its going to be a totally cool dress, I'm sure of it. I also drew and wrote down some things I want to make that are gonna be totally cool too. I promise to post pictures of the things I made when there done.

I thing that is about all I want to share today. Look forward to the pictures of the dress please!

~chibi ohimesama

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