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vrijdag 15 juli 2011

(Re)learning concentration

Hello my Dears,

I have finally found the will to post something again. I still have a hard time realizing I actually passed. I don't think I will actually realize it until I have my first day of school as a Ninensei (second year student).

Even if I'm still in a bit of a cloud, finally having some peace and time for myself, I try to keep going with my studies. I need to keep repeating my Japanese (all of it) in order to not forget it during this summer holiday (I know I will) and to improve it (I really need to). But, I noticed I have a really hard time concentrating on one thing at a time!

Lately there are a lot of articles on how the internet screws and changes our brain. Articles like this one is an example of those articles. The point is: internet is shortening our attention span. The first time I read about this (about 2 years ago) I didn't believe it. I mean, why should I? I read the whole twilight serie, and the last harry potter book, in one week. But this year I started noticing, I could not concentrate on my homework, or my studies, for much longer then 30 minuts (and even that was stretching it). I get bored by long blog posts, when I'm reading fanfiction I switch from fanfiction to facebook to twitter to tumblr and back to my fanfiction. I've gotten so used to quick information, short messages and changing screens, that I have a hard time keeping to one thing at a time!

Within a year time I've shortened my attention span AND become a social media addict!

I'm sort of at a loss on what to do about this! And internet stop would be an idea, but everything I have is on the internet! e-mail (both personal and for school), msn (with my family), facebook (for friends AND school), school information, bank account, moving to a new room, we need the internet!!! Sure I still have my cellphone, but none of my friends call anymore! They use smartphones, so we use facebook and msn for that! I could send out letters, but as cute and fashionable old fashion it is, I will most likely get my very late response through mail, facebook or msn.

Being online less is an option, an option I'm trying, but what to do in the meantime?

So I have gone back to reading books. I've started reading books again before going to sleep, and I'm trying to read about an hour per day for now. Which I noticed already isn't quite as easy as it was a year or so ago. I keep wanting to check facebook and twitter and my e-mail.

But what else to do? So besides reading books I have started to do write in my dairy. I just start writing and continue writing until I have nothing to write about anymore, or until I feel content. I use it to release the thoughts in my head, and to concentrate on something! It is actually quite funny to do. I realize a lot of things while being busy with free writing. One of those things? My head is a complete and utter mess! One more reason to (re)learn to focus on one thing at a time.

The last thing on my list of "ways to (re)learn concentration" is a list of things I need to do for Japanese homework each day. 1 whole A4 page of kanji per day, and when I can do that without to much distractions, 1 hole A4 page of words per day, and so on. This way I keep busy with my studies and maybe expand my attention span again.

I want to (re)learn to concentrate for a longer time period, like I could do before I became a social media addict. If you have the same problem, if you have any tips, or just a comment, please leave a message!

Love you,

Chibi Ohimesama

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  1. What I usually do is set certain times to study and certain times to relax.
    I study for about an hour, than take a fifteen minute break. I even set the alarm for this and make sure the laptop is switched off. It works for me :)
    What also works is going to the library without your phone (if it has access to the internet).

  2. Klinkt best bekend. Ik merk ook dat ik mijn informatie in kleine éénhapsbrokjes wil. Maar wel gedurende de hele dag door, van 's morgens vroeg tot 's avonds laat. Het is een vorm van verslaving zou ik zeggen. En het verkort inderdaad je attentie spanne. Ik merk dat ik ook niet meer twee uur aan een stuk in ee nm boek kan lezen, ben veel te snel afgeleid.

    Best vervelend, ik moet ook echt weer leren om me te concentreren op iets als een boek of een breiwerkje.

  3. Leuk om te lezen dat je weer boeken gaat lezen, ik heb namelijk precies hetzelfde.
    Ik las ook dat je elke dag(?) een dagboek bijhoudt? Misschien als tip om dat te combineren met Japans, en alles (of zoveel mogelijk) van wat je in het NL/Engels opschrijft te vertalen naar het Japans. Ik heb dat ook met sommige dingen gedaan, en het werkt echt goed, vooral omdat je dan nieuwe woorden/kanji/grammatica moet opzoeken, die je er dan hopelijk bijleert.

    As for dat concentreren kan ik je niet echt mee helpen, aangezien ik er ook wel last van heb. Tijdens schoolweken probeer ik zoveel mogelijk op school te zijn om mijn huiswerk te maken. Of natuurlijk gewoon met iemand samen echt studeren (thuis, school of in de stad of zo). Je weet dat ik altijd beschikbaar ben voor een studeersessie ^^