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zaterdag 4 juni 2011

Do it my way: Keeping a white skin!

Hello my Dears,

How are you all doing?? Enjoying the nice weather??
In Holland we have had super nice weather the past few days. A lot of sun, little rain, 20C and up. Perfect summer weather! I have been enjoying it as well, although I have mostly enjoyed it inside, with the window wide open. And when I went out, I wore a summer coat, factor 50 sunblock and sunglasses!

Why? Well, because I want to keep my skin white, of course! Now I know the ideal in our western countries is currently a sun tanned skin, but I love my white skin. It is actually what I think is most beautiful. And I mean white, not pale. I mean what kind of fashion would it be if you looked sick?

An other reason why I try to keep my skin white, is because the UV rays age your skin and, eventually, can cause skin cancer. Not something I really want so~ I just try to do my best to take care of my skin.

Tips to keep a white skin can be found all over the internet and in magazines. You can actually find more every year. Mom told me last year, that there had been a Australian researcher on the radio who said that white skin should actually be the Fashion Ideal. In Australia it already was (thats what my mom said, I wouldn't know). He predicted that white skin would eventually become a fashion ideal, again. Because white skin would equal a healthy skin! I can't wait for that to happen!!

Well, most of these "Keep your skin white" tips are already known, but I'm going to put them in a little list anyways.

Wear sunblock. Not just when you go tanning, but also when you go outside to shop, or bike or whatever. Your daycream might say it has a UV blocker, but you'd have to put your whole bottle on your face to get even just a little bit of sun protection. Sunblock is cheaper and works better.
Now I use a factor 50, because I burn really fast and I want to stay white. The difference between the factors gets smaller the higher the factor goes. So don't buy factor 90 or 100, it has almost no difference from factor 50. Unless you are talking about the price difference.
Don't use to little sunblock, reapply after about 2 hour and cover every part of your body thats not covert by your cloths or shoes!!

Wear sunglasses Not only do they protect your eyes from the sun (and the UV), when you wear sunglasses you don't have to squeeze your eyes together to see things. And squeezing your eyes gives you wrinkles! Something we don't really like, now do we?
The nice part about sunglasses is that they can be super cute! I actually have 2 pair of sunglasses right now. And they look so good on me! Theres a new sunglass fashion every year. So time to start a sunglass collection besides your shoes and bags collection!

Wear sun protection on your lips! This is actually something a lot of people forget (me including). You can get special lip balsams that protect against UV!

Wear a cute, sun blocking hat This year hats actually got back into fashion! Fashion and sun blocking in one! perfect!!

Try to stay out of the sun between 11 am and 3 pm These are the times when the sun is at its meanest. If you have to go into the sun, wear long sleeves (white reflects light and heat), try to wear a hat and don't forget your sunblock~!!

Well thats about it. Of course there are a lot more things to think to protect your skin. But these are pretty much the basics.

I wish you all a super nice summer, lots of fun and a healthy skin.

Love, Me.

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  1. Nice blog! Really informative and very you :)
    And once again we can conclude that the japanese people are ahead of us in fashion, seeing as most of them don't want to get a tan :)

  2. Another simple one: take an umbrella/parasol with you.