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maandag 28 juni 2010

Morning Decadence

Soleilnuit by Takemoto Novala - Morning Decadence

Sometimes I try to wake up early. Near daybreak, it's as if the blue atmosphere of the early morning has been forcefully pierced and cracked. It's a morning so early that only the newspaper delivery person and the nightshift laborer know of it, and even the elderly have not yet gotten out of bed. While watching the test pattern on the television, I dress myself impeccably, because, well, it's the beginning of a new day. On the first train there are a few people here and there. From the train there are hardly any shadows of cars on the highway, and the shutters of the shopfronts are closed, and the pileup of trashbags seems strangely exhilirating, as I wonder if I will ever get used to this morning scenery.

"Art is made at night," is what they used to say in the olden days. But, we're going to have to abandon these superstitions. Back then, a free evening was quite a priveledge. But now, the common people have fallen into the hand of the night. As the last train passes through, people overflow into the town. That's not to say that these are the types that are overly conscious of the night. The superstition about the night carries some power, but only a little due to a sense of delinquency. Since nowadays the night features a kind of democracy, where you can go to the same places in the afternoon that you can at night, that decadence has been lost. So, with this in mind, I'm guessing that it would work if our lovely decadent places were established in the early morning.

Now that the vulgarity of the night is over, there's that moment of stillness before rush hour begins. We are young ladies, and there has been no creation of a new place of morning decadence. If we went out at night, Papa and Mama would scold us. But, I don't think they could find fault with us for leaving very early in the morning. The mobilization of sound, like classical thought. In the present day it's good to be broad minded enough to overly drink it in, and this is the most hazardous form of decadance. After this, art will be created in the morning. If you think you want to be an artist, from now on abandon the legend of drinking alcohol at night, and in the mornings start to drink coffee with milk. As the pidgeons in the morning park flutter away, you drink fresh coffee with milk, and your heart jumps with a sense of genuine inversion. However, this essence of imitation is true decadence, and with it, you cannot become a proper, beautiful maiden.

To be truly high class, the morning must have the essence of a neat and clean atmosphere, one which draws out a reaction of decadence. It is much, much more difficult to command the morning as it is to command the night. There are benefits to always waking up early. For example, going on a date. You make an appointment at a coffee shop, and for the price of a cup of coffee, you can buy an entire breakfast, then directly afterwards you can go to go to the park or the shops as they open. The movie theatres also offer early morning discounts, which is of course a benefit if you are cheap. If you wake up early in the morning you will sleep through the night, and avoid the indecency of the nighttime shows on television, and if you don't stay up late, your skin will become lovely and smooth. Go to bed at about nine o'clock, and rise at five am. This is the most attractive lifestyle. I'm going to do my best to do this, so I implore you to also give it all of your effort.

Translated by Curi

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