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zaterdag 1 mei 2010

Twitter account and other

Hi everyone.

I really can't believe I finally have one (I remember saying I'd never get one) but... I have one.
Yes, even I have finally made myself a twitter account :
It might just come in handy someday when I have new clothing to show, or something els. Who knows.

So... I haven't had a real entry anymore for a few weeks (I promised to post some things but I ended up never posting them. To little time, really). I've been working extremely hard on my exams collection (which is not working the way I wished it did) and on the costums for the upcoming anime convention ( I'm glad I almost finished the maid costumes for the SP maids. We are going to be working as some kind of mascots at the animecon. I am really looking forward to it.
The other costumes ,though, I'm a bit worried about.

I have bought the Hardcover Bookset of The Twilight Sage. I was hooked after so much as 2 chapters of the first book. If you haven't read it yet, you might want to consider it. I totally love the series.

I have also grown to love a clothing brand : Tally weijl (
I am actually as crazy as to travel 2 and a half hours to get to a store of the brand. They have a really nice fit of pants, and the coolest shirts (no offense but I'll pick tally weijl over H&M any day). Friday I bought this really cute shirt with snow white (Disney) on it.

And I think that is about it for today.

Till next time

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