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donderdag 5 augustus 2010

Happy with the negatives

I had something funny today.

I had 2 things I normal dislike more then anything, and I actuarly enjoyed them.
Am I finaly learning positive thinking?

The first was at work. I had to vacume clean the building (which is a lot of ground to cover) for little fluffy things had taken over the work floor (from a nearby tree). Normaly I really really dislike vacume cleaning. But today? I turned the job into "attack of the white fluff" and "hunted" down the white fluffy "enemy". I turned something I dislike in something funny. I was done in no time at all.

The second thing was while I was biking home. There was this HUGE black cloud coming in. I had seen it when I got on my bike but I was hoping it wouldn't rain. But of course, it did. And it rained hard. I couldn't see a hand before me at one point, so I stopped under a tree and waited for a bit. It didn't stop but it got a little bit better. I decided to just get it over with and bike home. And you know what? I actuarly enjoyed the rain. I was completely wet, even my socks where wet (and my boots are pretty water resistend). But I enjoyed it, really enjoyed it. I was imagening myself twirling around and around in the pretty water sparkles.

Hows that for positive thinking? It made me really happy to realise I didn't think any bad of those things today.
I once read that "positive thinking is the key to happiness". And you know what? I'm starting to believe its true! So lets ALL try to think positive and see the happy things in life.

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  1. I LOVE walking in the rain. Not so much being cold and dripping wet after, but I love walking in the rain!~
    And I love vacuum cleaning....maybe I should take over your job? HAHA