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donderdag 13 december 2012

Tokyo, here I come!!

Hi there,

In January, I am going to Tokyo! Yes, finally!

When I heard I was going to Japan, I had planned to first stay a week in Tokyo before going to Sendai, the city I currently life in. But when I had actually booked my flight and such, I became afraid and chose to go straight to Sendai instead.

Though I don't necessarily regret going straight to Sendai, I do regret not being able to experience Tokyo. But I will soon! The hostel had been booked and the night-bus to Tokyo is booked as well! All I have to do now is plan where I wanna go, including Tokyo Disneyland, and I'm completely set for my mini vacation. I really want to see Shinjuku and Harajuku so there is no change I'm not going there. My hostel is near Akihabara and the Tokyo sky tree, so those are on my list as well.

Before I'm going back to The Netherlands I'm going to spend an other few days in Tokyo, so I'll still have time to see a lot more, and I'm pretty sure this isn't going to be the last time I'm in Japan, so I don't want to rush everything in one go, but take enough time to carve it all into my memory.

Booking everything took a great deal of energy out of me but I'm really glad I did it: I feel so much better now!
Have you had that as well? Where you're really afraid to do something, but once you've actually done it you feel so much more powerful and happy?

I'm going to share all my pictures and stories of my visit in Tokyo with you, so please look forward to them!

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